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          Cheogabang, the goodwill Ambassador of kimchi and Korean food [2012.01.12]

          이전 다음
          • 기사구분Asia - Korea
          • 조회수732 times
          • 작성자심규화

          Cheogabang is one of the most successful Korean restaurants in Japan. Since its establishment in 1996, it
          has spread to 23 branches nationwide. Also running 15 food product shops in department stores and
          shopping complexes, Cheogabang is vigorously promoting the taste of Korea across Japan.
          More than 90% of Cheogabang’s customers are Japanese. From the restaurant’s onset, the owners opened
          branches in areas linked to a large Japanese customer base. While it uses vegetables grown in Japan,
          Cheogabang imports 100% of its condiments, such as red pepper and salt, from Korea in order to maintain
          the authentic taste of traditional Korean food.

          <The Recipe for Cheogabang’s Success>
          1. Providing healthy food based on Korean home cooking style
          - Only the choicest red pepper, salts, and other essential condiments imported from Korea are used
          - The 100% Korean kitchen staff guarantees the authentic taste of Korean food
          - The restaurant’s interior space is decorated with items from Korea, emphasizing an ethnic look
          2. Clearly defined target market from the beginning
          - Branches are located in areas linked to a large Japanese customer base, Cheogabang’s main target.

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