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          Healthy Korean Food Supporters [2017.05.31]

          이전 다음
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          Korean Healthy Food Supporters

          "Let's Promote Magnetism Of Korean Food."

          About Healthy Korean Food Supporters
          Geon-gang Hansik Supporters(건강한食서포터즈) is a group to support online promotion of
          culinary culture of Korea both at home and abroad.

          1. Who Can Apply
          ❍  Any interested applicants regardless of region, age, education, nationality and occupation.

          2. How To Apply
            ❍ Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 31th ~ Sunday, June 18th, 2017
               ※ Application can be submitted during the second half of the year as well.

            ❍ Where To Apply
                - Online : at the official website of Korean Food Foundation
                             URL :
                - E-mail : send the application form via e-mail(
                - Mail : send the application form via mail
                  (Korean Food Foundation, # 601 AT Center, 27 Gangnamdaero, Seocho-gu, Seoul)

          3. Actibities
          Online promotion of Korean food via personal accounts in social networking sites
          Exchanging ideas for policy related to promotion of Korean Food
          Monitoring policy measures related to promotion of Korean Food

          4. Benefits

            ❍ Opportunity in experiencing promotional activities of Korean food in both Korea and overseas
               for outperforming participants from interim assessment
            ❍ Awarding best performing members on a monthly basis and offering activity costs
          Support in programs related to start ups and job search in food and/or food service industry
          Updates on job opportunities, statistics and latest issues related to Korean food
            ❍ Extra points in job application for Korean restaurant chefs in both Korea and overseas
          Awards for members with outstanding performance via comprehensive assessment
          The Grand Prize (1 person)
          The Minister of Food, Agriculture & Rural Affair Award with prize money of KRW 500,000
          The Runner-Up Prize (5 persons)
                  : The President of Korean Food Foundation Award with prize money of KRW 300,000
          The Participation Prize (10 persons)
                  : The President of Korean Food Foundation Award with prize money of KRW 150,000

          5. Enquiries
            ❍ E-mail:


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