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          The Korean Food Foundation has changed its name to ‘the Korean Food Promotion Institution’ and is making a new start. [2017.11.02]

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          Since it was founded in March 2010, the foundation has promoted a project to globalize Korean food using professionalism of the private sector. It was incorporated to other public institutions in January 2015.
          The need to reinforce its role as a public institution and develop as an institution which produces actual, tangible results has recently increased.
          The foundation changed its name to the Korean Food Promotion Institution to be reorganized as a public institution specialized in the promotion of Korean food.
          The Korean Food Promotion Institution will faithfully perform our role as a public institution specialized in Korean food to produce results such as the export of agrifood, the advancement of food service companies overseas and the creation of jobs following the growth of the global food market, undertaking a huge responsibility in projects to promote Korean food.
          Thank you.
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