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          메종 마레(MAISON MARAIS)
          • 이전
          • 다음
          • 주소 3, Rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris
          • 위치 Three-minute walk from Saint-Paul station
          • 좌석 36
          • 휴무 Mondays
          • 영업시간 Tuesday-Sunday12:00-15:00 19:00-23:00
          • 전화 +33(0)1 4887 2815
          • 가격 Meal for one €25
          • 메뉴Beoseot-bulgogi €18 Domijjim €20 Dolsot-bibimbap €16

          Artists-turned-restaurateurs add spark to classic Korean dishes
          MAISON MARAIS is run by a husband and wife team of former art students. They opened this chic Korean restaurant during the ninth year of their stay in Paris. It is situated at the heart of Marais, a district much favored by many artists as well as this couple. The owners decided to buy this Marais site, which was then a hotel building, in April 2009 upon hearing from a friend that it was up for sale. The restaurant set up on the ground floor is decorated with streamlined furnishings and tastefully chosen fabrics. The owners also choose the background music with care and try to keep the atmosphere pleasant for their gastronomic regulars. Many of these regulars drop in at least twice a month to sample food that embodies Korean culinary aesthetics in style.


          Bulbogi with mushrooms served in a ceramic bowl
          No artificial seasoning is kept on the shelves of the MAISON MARAIS kitchens. Accompaniments, such as lotus roots boiled in soy sauce, kimchi, and young soybeans in the pod, are offered along with the main courses. The menu may not feature an overwhelming number of dishes, but each dish stands out in terms of both flavor and presentation. French customers are particularly keen on the signature dish, dolsot-bibimbap, which boasts an elegant combination of seven different varieties of namul, served on top of piping-hot rice. Beoseotbulgogi (bulgogi with mushrooms) served in ceramic ware is cooked a la MAISON MARAIS, to keep the textures and colors of each ingredient fresher. The beef is finely minced and marinated with seasoning right before grilling.



          Des artistes devenus restaurateurs
          Le restaurant a ete ouvert par un couple, neuf ans apres leur installation a Paris. Ce couple a etudie les beaux-arts avant d’ouvrir ce restaurant. L’etablissement se trouve en plein coeur du Marais, le quartier des artistes, que ce couple apprecie fortement. Apres avoir appris par une connaissance qu’un hotel du Marais etait en vente, ce couple a decide de franchir le pas et a acquis l’etablissement en avril 2009. Il a ouvert le restaurant MAISON MARAIS au rez-de-chaussee de l’immeuble. L’interieur est decore avec une composition de tissus de couleurs naturelles et des meubles simples qui ne manque pas de donner une ambiance artistique au restaurant. Le couple-proprietaire se rend dans des restaurants de haut rang plus de deux fois par mois afin de decouvrir les nouvelles tendances gastronomiques. Dans la MAISON MARAIS, le couple est attentif a tout, de la musique diffusee aux aromes qui se repandent dans le hall.


          Bulgogi aux champignons servi dans un recipient en ceramique
          En cuisine, aucun exhausteur de gout pour renforcer l’arome des plats. Idem pour les petits plats comme la racine de lotus cuite dans de la sauce de soja, le kimchi, la cosse, etc. Bien que peu nombreux, les petits plats sont apprecies pour leur saveur raffinee. Le dolsot-bibimbap est l’un des principaux plats qui plaisent aux palais des Francais car il offre une saveur legere par l’harmonie des legumes blanchis assaisonnes et compose de sept couleurs differentes. Le bulgogi aux champignons servi dans un recipient en ceramique est fait avec du boeuf finement hache et assaisonne avec diverses epices avant d’etre grille.



          예술가, 레스토랑 오너로 다시 태어나다
          미술학도였던 주인 부부가 파리 입성 9년 만에 문을 연 <메종 마레>는 예술가들의 아지트이자 이들부부가 평소 사랑하던 마레 지역의 심장부에 위치해 있다. 마레 지역에 호텔 건물이 나왔다는 지인의 이야기를 전해 듣고 지난 2009년 4월 이곳을 매입했다. 건물 1층에 마련된 레스토랑은 예술적 감각이 묻어나는 편안한 컬러의 패브릭과 심플한 가구로 꾸몄다. 한 달에 두 번 이상 다른 고급 레스토랑을 찾아 미식을 즐기는 주인 부부는 매장 안에 울려 퍼지는 음악이나 냄새까지도 세심하게 배려한다.


          세라믹 그릇에 담겨 나오는 버섯불고기
          주방에 아예 조미료를 두지 않고, 밑반찬은 연근조림과 김치, 콩깍지 등을 내놓는데, 가짓수는 많지 않은 대신 정갈한 맛으로 사랑받고 있다. 아름다운 일곱 빛깔의 나물이 조화를 이루는 담백한 맛의 돌솥비빔밥은 이곳의 대표 메뉴로 프랑스인들의 입맛을 사로잡는다. 세라믹 그릇에 담겨 나오는 버섯불고기는 생생한 육질과 빛깔을 살리기 위해 고기를 구워내기 직전 잘게 다진 소고기에 갖은 양념을 버무리는 방법으로 조리한다.


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