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          Dubu kimchi[Tofu with Stir-Fried Kimchi]
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          • 요약설명 A Popular Drinking Accompaniment

          Tofu and kimchi together make an ideal combination. Dubu-kimchi (tofu with sautéed kimchi) refers to warm sliced tofu served with boiled or sautéed kimchi. Mild-tasting tofu rich in protein is a perfect complement to spicy kimchi and its abundant vitamins. Many Koreans like to eat Dubu-kimchi while enjoying Soju (a Korean distilled spirit) or Makgeolli (Korean rice wine).

          Tofu as a Celebrity Diet Food
          It is well known that so-called one-food diets are detrimental to health. But many celebrities who successfully lost weight say that tofu is an exception to this rule. Tofu is an essential part of the diet for many celebrities who want to maintain a super slim figure. Shin Dong, a member of the boy band Super Junior, lost 44 pounds in four and half months with a Dubu-kimchi diet. Sol Kyung-gu, who is known for repeatedly gaining or losing weight for movie roles, says that he literally lived on tofu when he had to lose 30 pounds in a single month. Recounting how he fought hunger with only tofu and cucumbers, the actor says: “Tofu is unbeatable if you want to lose weight fast.”

          A Great Harmony of Red and White
          Dubu-kimchi is a dish that anyone can easily make with some kimchi and a block of bean curd from the refrigerator. Just find an attractive serving dish, and the most ordinary cooking ingredients can become a colorful gourmet dish.

          The amino acid lysine found in soybeans—the main component of bean curd—is an essential nutrient for growing children. In addition, as a high-protein/lowcalorie food, bean curd is ideal for those who want to stay fit and energized at the same time.

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