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          Gopchang gui[Grilled Beef Tripe]
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          • 요약설명 A Hearty Dish for True Gourmets

          The term Gopchang refers to curved chitterlings. Gopchang is divided into So-gopchang and Yang-gopchang. So-gopchang indicates the small intestine of a cow while Yang-gopchang refers to its first stomach (rumen). A cow has four stomachs: The first is called the rumen (Yang); the second the reticulum (Cheonyeop); the third the omasum (jeolchang); and the fourth the abomasums (Makchang).

          Beef Innards as a Superb Ingredient
          The taste of Gopchang-gui (grilled beef tripe) hinges on eliminating any unpleasant odors. Marinating beef chitterlings in onion juice in the refrigerator for two to three hours helps tenderize the meat and purge odors. In the past, Gopchang was usually eaten by commoners who could not afford more expensive meat. Accordingly, Gopchang houses were mainly humble affairs equipped with large oil drums made into tables and a couple of shabby chairs. However, things have changed dramatically. As Gopchang became a delicacy and more expensive than regular meat, today’s Gobchang restaurants have become high-end and now sport stylish interiors. When cooked to perfection, the outside of the chitterling is crispy and golden brown, while the inside remains soft and juicy. With a savory taste and pleasant texture, Gopchanggui is welcomed by drinkers as the best accompaniment to Soju (distilled spirit). Gopchang, a Perfect Accompaniment for Drinking Gopchang is perfect to invigorate weakened constitutions and to speed postpartum recovery. As a high-protein, low-calorie food, it protects the lining of the stomach and helps break down alcohol. In this sense, Gopchang is a welcome dish for business entertainment or at office parties.

          Gopchang is a high-protein food. As long as cholesterol intake is kept in check, it can be considered a health food richer in iron and vitamins than other forms of meat. It reinvigorates weakened constitutions and is perfect for patients recovering from illness. It is also known to be highly effective in postpartum recovery.

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