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          is a place where you can experience the Korean foods from traditional to contemporary,
          and you can make, taste and enjoy it.

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          Korean Cuisine Culture Center

          한식문화관 상세표
          • Located on the 4th Floor of CKL Business Support Center
            in Cheonggyecheon.
          • Open Hours: 10:00~20:00 Monday to Sunday, Open year round.
          • Admission Charge: Free (Experience Programs are NOT free)
          • Information: +82-02-6053-7177(9)  /
          • Website:

          Learning Zone&Class

          About Learning Zone
          About Learning Zone
          • Located on the 4th floor of CKL Business Support Center, Learning Zone provides opportunities for Koreans and foreigners to cook and experience the traditional Korean foods.
          • The reservation should be made at least three days prior to the event and a minimum of 6 persons should join each class. (If the minimum number of participants is not met, the class is subject to cancellation. You will be notified by e-mail or phone.)
          • Please refer to the calendar provided below for the menu, price and time before making a reservation as they are different for each program.
          • The reservation may be cancelled no less than three days prior to the scheduled date as food ingredients and utensils are prepared in advance.
          • Please contact us by phone (+82-02-6053-7177~9) or email ( for more information.
          About Class
          About Class
          • Mon~Sun(Morning/Afternoon)
          • Max.40Participants
          • Price(\) 33,000 ~ 55,000
          • This program provides an opportunity to cook Korean cuisine.
            You can enjoy special dining with your own dish after cooking.
            * Bulgogi & Sukju Namul : ₩33,000
            * Japchae & Shrimp Vegetable Pancake : \44,000
            * Chiljeolpan & Bibimbap : ₩55,000
            * Jeju Black Pork Maekjeok & Mushroom Vegetable Pancake :₩55,000
            * (Special course) Kimchi Making : ₩33,000(Make kimchi and pack it to take home. However, meals are not available separately.)

          • Mon-Fri(Afternoon)
          • Max.40Participants
          • Price: 20,000 KRW
          • You will make various types of Korean desserts and pack them with a gift box.
            1. Rice cup cake with tropical fruits
            2. Sweet rice puffs (sesame)

          • Mon-Fri(18:00~20:00/Upon your request)
          • Max.40Participants
          • Price: 35,000~55,000 KRW
          • You will make Cook-N-Dine menu or traditional Korean alcohol including Makgeolli.
            1. Cook-N-Dine menu
            2. Traditional Korean alcohol

          New Hansik Cooking Program
          • Every Tue·Thu·Sat(16:00 ~ 16:40 pm/ "sign up on the spot" or "call /email us for the reservation")
          • Up to 10 people can be participated
          • ₩ 20,000 (per person)
          • Tue·Sat_Jeon(Savory pancakes) using seasonal ingredients.
          • Thu_ Japchae(Sir-fried noodle with mushrooms and vegetables)


          CKL Business Support Center, 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

          Line #1 4 min walking distance from Exit #5 of Jonggak Station Line #2 5 min walking distance from Exit #2 of Euljiro 1(il)ga?Station Line #5 8 min walking distance from Exit #5 of Gwanghwamun Station


          The Experience Center consists of three zones: Learning Zone, Eating Zone and Communication Zone
          Click the zone to view more information.

          Learning Zone

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          Learning Zone

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